And the rain tumbles down

TAMWORTH is not known for it’s wet climate, but the weather gods made camping, outdoor concerts and street busking as uncomfortable as they could today as storms and rain streamed into town quicker than caravanners.

After working this morning, we braved the downpours and headed to Peel St to check out what the buskers had to offer this afternoon. However, there were only a few who decided to play in all weather conditions. Although there wasn’t a lot of music to be had at times, the city is full of people coming to soak up the country music atmosphere and we have it in droves.


There is a real buzz around Tamworth all January as we celebrate Country Music Month and I often wonder what causes the buzz. Do I feel the buzz because it’s my favourite time of the year or does everyone else feel it, too?

Although locals have to deal with a massive increase in traffic, meaning it takes a few more minutes to get to and from work each day, it is 10 days out of 365. I, for one, love seeing the caravans rolling into town, I love seeing all the different states represented on number plates and I love seeing the hats and boots in town. I am given strange looks all year ’round as I wear my cowboy boots nearly every day of my life. In January, I feel like others who just get country music return to town and I feel even more at home than I do in any other month.img_30921

So, get out there and soak it all up. Weather gods, we do love the rain and desperately need it, but we would love it to start in February and allow the country fans and campers to enjoy their time in Tamworth as much as possible, and not get washed away.

Bring on the second official day of #TCMF2017 with the Hands of Fame inductees announced and Country Music Cocktails calling me.

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