Taylor Moss serves up sassy Chaser

Sassy country star Taylor Moss has served up the Chaser to her two hit singles, You Ain’t Getting A Song and Ain’t No Girly Girl.

The Queensland singer-songwriter’s latest single, Chaser, raced up the charts on release, is nearing 100,000 streams worldwide and has been added to playlists in Australia and the US with plenty of women in country playlists jumping on board with support.

“I’ve got this very feminist girl power approach to my songs,” Taylor said.

“I’m stoked that women are understanding what I’m saying because I’m one of those people that if you tell me I can’t do it, I will.”

Taylor wrote Chaser in her first writing soiree with Golden Guitar winner Andrew Swift.

“I contacted Andrew Swift during the first lockdown to see if we could write via Zoom and I had written in my notes, ‘I need a chaser’,” she said.

“We have very different genres – him being alt-country and me in pop country, but we thought we’d give it a go and wrote the song within a couple of hours. The t-shirt I was wearing during that Zoom said ‘Now that I’m sober, you ain’t that fine’ and it all came from there.

“It all came together because I bought that t-shirt in New York, I wrote it with the right person and it was just one of those things that worked.”

Chaser is about needing a chaser shot after somebody or something bad, whether it be a bad shot with somebody or a bad shot of alcohol.

“When we play it live, we play it in what we call a dirty 6/8 with a more of a Tennessee Whiskey feel, but for the recording, I wanted it to sit well on playlists and sit on commercial radio with all the country elements still there,” Taylor said.

Being in Queensland, Taylor has still been playing live when possible, with the next major event being her postponed Chaser single launch on September 8 at Mooloolaba Music.

Tickets are available here: https://www.mooloolabamusic.com.au/taylor-moss-single-launch-sep-8th-6pm

Taylor is working on new music and promises that the next track has even more of a girl power theme than Ain’t No Girly Girl, but also shows a more vulnerable side to the singer-songwriter as she celebrates those best friends who are always there for you and understand you.

Connect with Taylor on socials: Facebook and Instagram.

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