Ray of sunshine from Daniel Reeves’ World Learning

Melbourne singer-songwriter Daniel Reeves brings us World Learning – the song we all need right now.

Written five years ago when he was re-assessing his career and life plans, World Learning could have been written for everyone experiencing life during lockdowns and dealing with a worldwide pandemic.

Daniel wrote World Learning after being on the road for a long time as a professional musician and wanting to re-connect with his friends and family.

 “While friends were celebrating milestones, I was missing them all because I was on the road and I was tired because I couldn’t see very far in front of me at that time, so I came back to Melbourne because I wanted to ground myself and re-connect with them and myself,” he said.

“The way I look at it is you have to close one door to open another and I loved being back with my friends in a place I absolutely loved, which was the Thornbury area, which is renowned for music and art.”

However, Daniel said he looks at the song now and how relatable it is to what we are all experiencing during lockdowns and COVID restrictions.

“It’s about all those support networks that are essential to us as human beings and I feel like I wrote it for a lot of my friends who were feeling a similar disconnect,” he said.

“It is relevant now, because if you have positive thoughts, then you’ll have positive things happening in your life and I know I have to own the decisions I have made.”

Although he’s had this song with him for many years, and he has played it at home often, Daniel has not played World Learning to a live audience, but always wanted to record it.

“I think the timing was right because it is about now because, more than ever, you must keep yourself strong,” he said.

“You’ve got to keep getting up everyday and keep smiling as best as you can, even though it’s hard at times; the more positive you can stay, the better the outcome on the other side.”

With this release, Daniel wants to spread some happiness and positivity.

“I would really like to reach more people and connect with people because, now, more than ever, it’s about a connection,” he said.

“With all the lockdowns, I think if we could all connect and share our experiences, it would be great.”

World Learning was released on all digital music platforms on Friday, August 27.

Grab a copy: https://checked.lnk.to/WorldLearning

Find out more: @danielreevesmusic | danielreevesmusic.com

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