Amber Lawrence calls to Bring It Back

All music lovers are counting the moments until live concerts and festivals return, and Amber Lawrence has summed this up in her latest single, Bring It Back.

Written from the perspective of someone standing in the audience with their on a balmy summer night with a drink in their hands and their favourite artist is about to walk on stage.

“Music still hasn’t returned to that point where there are no restrictions and when I wrote the song, I was visualizing myself at Gympie,” Amber said.

“Big festivals have had to cancel and there is so much that goes with that for the artists, support services, food providers and the fans and others involved in the industry.

“For a lot of people, going to festivals and concerts is their hobby where they catch up with their mates and they only know them because they met them in the mosh pit somewhere.”

Although we are all missing the live music scene being what it used to be, Bring It Back isn’t a sad song; it’s a positive message as we look forward to getting back to doing what we love.

“The song has that party vibe that this will happen eventually, but there’s some real nostalgia in it, too, especially for the bigger artists – they haven’t worked for two years,” Amber said.

“I hope it’s got some nostalgia in it for a lot of people. This is a different style for me and is the first song off the album and shows I am moving forward in my sound and pushing the boundaries a little, but Bring It Back is not necessarily representative of the sound on the new album.”

Working with producer Stuart Stuart again, Amber recorded the vocals at home with his studio in a box concept that he developed early on during lockdowns.

“The recording box allowed us to work in real time, so I plugged the computer in, and it’s like I’m in the studio with him,” she said.

“I set up a little studio at my mum’s house and without that system, I wouldn’t have this album finished, so COVID has made us adapt.”

Amber plans to release singles and will wait until the time is right to release the full album, which will possibly be mid-next year, after seeing so many musical friends release albums and experience the heartbreak of not being able to tour them and promote them with live shows.

Although it will be an overall positive album, the Golden Guitar winner said there will be songs that will touch on what we’ve all gone through over the last two years.

As well as recording her album, and having been in lockdown for months and barely touring for 18 months, the Sydney-based artist has still been performing, but from the comfort of her home.

To date, Amber has performed about 50 mini-concerts for school students across the country.

“I reckon I’ll get to about 100 schools,” she said.

“It’s so much fun. The idea came to me while I was driving; I get my funnest craziest ideas when I’m driving, because I thinking that the reality is that I’m in Sydney lockdown and going to be here for a long time, the album is done, I have a lot of time on my hands, I can’t record another album, and I’ve got the time, so what’s a way to do concerts that are going to be useful to other people?

“The idea of the school concerts popped into my head and it just took one Facebook post for it to get outta hand.”

Amber said she loved bringing some brightness to students’ days who are in lockdown for a long time, focusing on her best selling children’s songs, complete with dance moves.

Check out Amber’s new single, Bring It Back, and enjoy the memories of live shows through the new clip, here:

– Bec Gracie

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