Mysteries and music

Day five, November 17, was all about mystery… well, Mystery Island, anyway. I love the laidback lifestyle of the Ni-Vanuatu people and I think it’s something we could all learn a lot from. Many of us on the island also got to experience the ‘security’ of Mystery Island Airport this morning when a small Air Vanuatu aircraft came in to land with little warning and then took off straight over the top of us. Got our hearts racing, that’s for sure. I tried to capture the full take-off, but chickened out when the plane was nearly on top of me… better luck next time. img_8611
The music has also had our hearts racing on board the Legend of the Seas. Cruisin’ Country has lived up to every expectation I’ve had and my only complaint is that I haven’t had time to finish my book because there’s been too much great music to catch.img_8522
Last night Shane Nicholson headlined the main theatre with an amazing show during which he was joined by Felicity Urquhart for Rattlin’ Bones. If you haven’t caught a Shane Nicholson show, you need to put it on your ‘to-do’ list. He takes you from all shades of light to dark and everywhere in between. He’s one of our top singer-songwriters and producers, so there’s not much he can’t do, really. His show was a highlight for me last night.img_8560 Today has been all about Mystery Island so far where everyone who went ashore enjoyed hours of snorkeling, shopping and/or swimming. This afternoon Simply Bushed and Aleyce Simmonds have both entertained and tonight Melinda Schneider headlines the That’s Entertainment Theatre and Paul Costa, Innocent Eve, Kristy Cox and Jasmine Rae perform through to the early hours… we’ll be keeping it country until we meet again on this blog tomorrow.img_8699

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