Surprise sea day and large swells

CRUISIN’ Country is throwing up plenty of surprises and one of the aspects of cruising is that so much depends on the weather. So, imagine our surprise this morning when we woke not to Isle of Pines, but to the sight of Noumea… again. I like to think of myself as a glass half full kind of person (goes against all laws of journalism), so I got to thinking how good it would be to hit up the patisserie in town that I missed last time and taste test their macarons. It would merely be for research purposes, of course. Unfortunately we just dropped anchor in the bay and didn’t dock for the day. Bad weather meant large swells at Isle of Pines and we couldn’t proceed there safely, so we waited to Adam Brand to hop on board, via a small boat transfer, and off we went again for an extra sea day.
Now, I’m not the biggest fan of sea days, but when you’re living in a country music festival at sea for eight days, who cares, right? They just increased the entertainment on board for the day. However, I missed most of it due to the large swells not making me feel the best, so I saw the cabin for the most of the day, but all sorted now thanks to my ever-patient husband getting some magic tablets from the shop and the Simmonds family from Tamworth supplying me with some magic essential oil to dab on. It all seems to have worked and it’s back to partying. Oh, and thank you to those who asked about my earache – the perfect cure is a blue margarita, if you’re wondering. Fixed it overnight! Anyway, I digress, lets talk country.img_8851
Last night brought Melinda Schneider headlining the That’s Entertainment Theatre. She packed both shows with standing room only. Beccy Cole joined her for a song, as did her partner, Mark Gable of The Choirboys.
Today I caught up with Amber Lawrence and Aleyce Simmonds for chats about what they’re up to on the cruise and what they’ve got planned for the Tamworth Country Music Festival and beyond. I thought I’d put the extra sea day to good use and get some interviews in the bag for a new online TCMF project I’m working on… stay tuned.img_8838
I didn’t catch a lot of live country music today, but heard that Matt Cornell entertained those on the pool deck and was joined by his good mate, Adam Brand for a song and then he jumped behind the drum kit and supplied the beat. Adam headlines tomorrow night.
Beccy Cole headlined tonight and had the audience laughing until they cried – more on that tomorrow.
Tomorrow is our second last day at sea and there is a mass autograph session with all the artists and I’m catching up with Lyn Bowtell for a chat about all things country music including the cruise, Tamworth and the CMAA Academy of Country Music. Until then, we will continue to sail the Pacific and hope the rocking stops; it’s a country music cruise after all. I promise to bring you moe news and photos tomorrow and sorry about only supplying two today.

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