Amanda Heartsong – crystal clear calling

Music can be a calling and a healer for many, as is the case for Queensland’s Amanda Heartsong who is now spreading the word on the power of music, while penning songs inspired by dodgy footwear.

Amanda is a graduate of the 2020 CMAA Academy where she had multi-award-winning artist Catherine Britt as her group leader.

The experience is life-changing for every student and staff member.

“The Academy changed my life massively,” she said.

“It gave me the confidence to have my own voice and I learned to play guitar from Roger. Through that, my whole creativity opened up and helped me with writing songs and feeling confident as a musician.

“The Academy helped me find that tribe and that stops the loneliness because I’ve made connections.”

The current situation of social isolation is not something that fazes the former RAAF servicewoman, as she lives on a 40-acre property and revels in the peace and quiet that brings.

“I’ve been writing lots of songs and connecting with a lot of the students,” Amanda said.

“We video chat each night and talk with each other about how we’re doing. We are so lucky for that class that we had because we connected so well.”

Since The Academy, Amanda has continued to perform live gigs and headed out for the final gigs on Catherine Britt’s Bush Pubs Tour before the tour had to be postponed.

See Amanda with her fellow students in the studio at 2TM in Tamworth:

Because of the connections created at The Academy, Amanda has been co-writing with students and mentors, and is in talks with Catherine about recording a song written during the course.

“I spoke with Catherine and we’re going to get together and record my Three Dollar Thong song,” she said.

“Firstly, I’m going to feel out the world and see if they’re ready for something as outrageous as The Three Dollar Thong song.

“The song title came about because I was on my way to a co-write with Matt Scullion at Academy and I had all these ideas going through my head and on the way, the $3 thongs that I’d bought, busted and we got talking about how they’re useless and it’s kinda like the way some men are.”

The Queensland singer-songwriter is also researching doing a loop of Australia to take her music out to more people.

“I want to get out into the country, feel the people and be inspired by the land,” Amanda said.

“I’m thinking about taking my big old doggie and my grumpy-arsed cat and heading off.”

Amanda doesn’t only gain inspiration from the land around her or dodgy footwear, though, she’s also seen active service in Afghanistan in the RAAF and is a crystal healer.

Because she wants to help others who may be dealing with similar situations, the singer-songwriter from near Agnes Waters, is open about her mental health journey.

Amanda attempted suicide after she returned from active service and saw a myriad of counsellors and doctors and was on medication.

She said that once she woke up from her suicide attempt, she felt like a completely different person. Her fiancé then suicided six months later, but her life changed when she discovered crystal healing and music.

“Through searching the universe for him, I found this psychic who introduced me to crystals and crystal healing and that helped me way more than all of the medications and therapy they had me doing.

Once I discovered crystal healing and music, my life turned around hugely. I went from being a victim constantly in strife, to someone confident thinking I’ve got this, I can do it. Not everyday is like that.”

Amanda said she loved performing music and helping people change their mindsets at live shows.

“There’s something magical about seeing a change in a face in the audience because they might come in not looking happy, but within five minutes you can have them smiling and moving,” she said.

“I am all about helping people tap into happiness and my goal is just to have peace and spread a bit of peace around.”

Connect with Heartsong Music:

One thought on “Amanda Heartsong – crystal clear calling

  1. Lyn Kopelman says:

    I know Amanda well. We lived at the same place when she was discovering music. It has been an amazing journey to watch. She is truly a beautiful person.


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