Adam Brand releases inspirational album, Speed of Life

If, like many of us, you’ve followed or been part of Adam Brand’s career over the past 20-odd years, you’ll know he’s always true to himself as an artist, and his latest album, Speed of Life, takes this even further.

This down-to-earth approach has won over thousands of supporters and this week Speed of Life sits at No. 1 on the ARIA Country Albums Chart and No. 6 on the ARIA Albums Chart.

Adam has never been one to conform to what he believes he ‘should’ be doing in music and doesn’t watch the charts, but instead makes the music that feels right to him, and nowhere is this more evident than in this new offering – his most personal album yet.

It reflects the changes in his life as he and partner Nui welcomed their daughter, Pepper, to their family last year.

“This is how I want it to sound and this is the first time I’ve had that feeling with any album,” he said.

“You need to find out what it is that makes you feel content. That’s what this album is all about, because when you feel that kind of contentment, you want the people around you to feel that as well.”

Adam Brand

Adam is a unique artist in that, during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and artists unable to play live gigs, he is discouraging people from buying his music, and, instead, encouraging people to focus on their families.

“My album will be out there for years, right now spend the money on things to keep you at home,” he said.

“Don’t make my stuff a priority; the family is a priority.”

The first single off Speed of Life, celebrates the priorities in Adam’s life: Life’s Been Good To Me.

The multi-Golden Guitar winner said that if the issues associated COVID-19 could teach us anything, it was to be kind to each other.

“Things like this highlight that now more than ever we have to be kind and thoughtful and courteous,” Adam said.

“I hope this thing starts to bring out the best in us, not the worst and I’ve seen people helping elderly people out and it’s like they’re thinking, ‘I’m feeling vulnerable here, so I am going to help others’.

Adam already had a disrupted year with vocal cord issues forcing him to cancel his Speed of Life Tour dates, but he said that, mixed with event cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meant he was 100% focused on the important things in life, which is the overriding theme of his new album.

“There was someone definitely not wanting me to tour this year, but what this has made clear is that we’re all one community and we go through the same things,” he said.

“It’s forced me to concentrate on getting these health issues under control and this vocal cord thing, so I can move forward and one day go back to singing.

“The whole reason that the commercial side of it just doesn’t matter is that I’m focusing on the important things in life.

“When I was making the album, that’s what it was all about. The songs on the album are about stopping, taking a second to breathe and to think about this journey we’re all on – don’t be chasing all these things you think you need.”

The title track was the second single off the album, summing up all that Adam hopes to inspires listeners with as he encourages people to make the most of the lives we’re given.

The Gold Coast singer-songwriter said he wanted people to hear the message he is spreading through the tracks on the album.

“It’s always been my mantra to find your tribe and love them and I have this group of supporters, The Brandwagon, and I make these songs with them in mind.

Adam Brand

“I want to tell them something and I imagine myself saying these words before I sing them and I want to communicate what’s important, but they don’t have to buy it.”

Adam said he simply wanted to inspire people to think about some of these things and wanted people to take stock of things in their lives.

“There are so many times we want to achieve things, but you’ve got to decide is it because you want to impress people or whether it’s because they make you happy,” he said.

“We don’t need all these things to feel good about ourselves. Everyone strives for success, but do we want that for ourselves, or to sell off to people?

“This album, if there’s a word that I would describe it and what I believe in right now and what my life is about and what I’ve wanted all these 50 years on this earth has brought me to this place, that word would be ‘content’.”


For those who follow Adam on social media, you’ll know he loves his Facebook lives where he cooks, sometimes with mates… and he’s got plans to take on Matt Cornell again in a challenge.
“Cornell thinks he can cook, but he’s a cheap imitation… I’m starting a beef with him. Rappers have beefs and I’m starting a beef with Cornell,” Adam laughed.
“Okay, son, if you want to pick up the tongs and go 10 rounds, then c’mon. He cheated in the first challenge. He stacked that because, when we turned the cameras off, I tasted his meatballs and you’ve got to be kidding – his meatballs really weren’t good. My nonna’s rolling in her grave.
“People at home can see his form. Cornell is going down.”
Watch this space… and be sure to follow Adam on Facebook:


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