Dean Brody’s Australian Dirt Road Stories

AS WE count down to the announcement of the CMC Rocks Queensland 2019 artist announcement, Rebecca Belt revisits some of her CMC Rocks 2018 interviews.

A FLYING visit Down Under in March saw Dean Brody perform twice at CMC Rocks Queensland to the delight of the Australian country music lovers.

Arriving on the Wednesday prior to the festival and leaving on Sunday didn’t give the Canadian singer-songwriter a lot of time in the country, but enough time to leave a lasting impression with new and old fans, alike.

The singer-songwriter said he would love to return to Australia and spend a month or more here to really appreciate the country and soak up the sights.

“I’d like to come back next year sometime and spend some time in the country, because we don’t get to see the country,” he said.

“I want to see more wildlife and I want to cuddle a wombat.”

Dean was in the midst of writing and recording his new album when he visited Australia, so was straight back into the studio when he landed in his home country.

“My favourite part is my fans I have here,” he said,

“I love being able to connect with people halfway around the planet.

“It feels surreal because I write along in a corner and a year later we’re halfway ‘round the world and people are singing those songs back to you.

“There are a lot of country folks here and they’re unique and rowdy and characters, so I feel like I fit right in.

“If anybody every asks me about Australia, I would definitely recommend it because it’s a memorable le experience.”

Dean is about to hit the tour circuit with his Dirt Road Stories tour, an acoustic tour of Canada, with special guests including Jessica Mitchell, Andrew Hyatt, and Tenille Arts.

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