Emma Dykes raises glass to new single, A Drink In My Hand

“Hell yeah, hand me a can, turn the music up…”

FOLLOWING a tour through the home of Oktoberfest is the perfect time for singer-songwriter Emma Dykes to release her new single, A Drink In My Hand.

The North Coast NSW country artist toured Germany in August, and released A Drink In My Hand on September 17.

The single comes from Emma’s album, Pay It Forward, and she wrote it about her family who know how to have a good time.

“The song was inspired by my Uncle Phil,” Emma said.

“We were at a family wedding in Adelaide and he had skin off his shins from a big weekend and said, ‘I don’t want to die thirsty’ and, when I wrote it, it turned into ‘I’m going with a drink in my hand’.”

After a number of serious singles, A Drink In My Hand, shows another side of Emma.

“It’s a light-hearted song about partying,” she said

And if anywhere knows how to party, it is Germany. Emma’s tour in Germany came about through Inverell-based Heinrich Hausler who takes special interest groups to the country, and this year he took a band from Inverell, Emma and a vocalist from Queensland.

The former Inverell-based singer-songwriter performed over 20 days touring with the band, playing festivals, pubs and castles.

“It was a really awesome and bizarre feeling doing my own music with the band in Germany,” Emma said.

“I enjoyed the food and beer and seeing a different culture and the music is a bonus. The music was all very well received and being promoted over there as an Australian country singer-songwriter in my own right was a nice feeling and a good thing, I hope, for the industry.”

The visit has been on Emma’s wish list for many years and she enjoyed seeing the country and performing her own songs to new audiences. This could herald a number of overseas working trips for the artist.

“I’ve got a trip to Nashville coming up and I had someone offer to tour Ireland and play with me, so I hope this is the first of many trips,” she said.

Check out the video for the single: https://bit.ly/2MBeEtP

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