ALBUM REVIEW: Back To Broken Hill – Libby O’Donovan


If you can listen to this album with dry eyes, you have no feelings – it takes you from laughter to sadness, through regret and love.

This is a personal look into Libby O’Donovan’s life and family with the beautiful songs cradled on a bed of outstanding production by Matt Fell, Beccy Cole and Libby herself and musicianship by Stuie French, James Gillard, Bill Risby and Matt Fell.

I was in tears listening to Estelle, and the title track made me yearn for Broken Hill – a place I have only visited twice, but have wanted to return to since my last visit in 1999.

From This Mother to My Mother is a story that all daughters and mothers out there will relate to, while Preacher Man is an autobiographical look at her mother and father’s life.

No one tells My Darling What To Do has all the elements of a good country song – singing guitar, girl power and murder.

Donna is a story of two girls who didn’t fit in at school, but who were forced to fight each other by the other school students. It is a story that I’d say 90 per cent of people could relate to about being singled out for being different and the regrets that follow our school yard actions.

Back to Broken Hill is an album full of honesty and the stripped-back nature of each song allows O’Donovan’s clear voice and beautiful lyrics to shine. Jazz and country blend seamlessly throughout the record and I could listen to it all day.

  • Rebecca Belt

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