BLOG: CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music talent astounds

DAY 3 dawned in below zero temperatures as is the case at this time of the year in Tamworth, but the talent and music coming out of this CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music is hot, hot, hot.

The biggest news on the block was former student Judah Kelly’s win on The Voice. There were massive celebrations here last night in the boarding house, with cups of tea as it’s a dry academy.

Today we had the company of Allison Forbes again, along with fellow Tamworth artist Aleyce Simmonds and Allan Caswell was back in the writer’s hot seat. Joining us to chat about media and country music magazines was Country Music Capital News manager Cheryl Byrnes.

It was a good day for media as well, with Prime 7 coming to visit and Eloise Wilson interviewing group leaders David Carter and Jayne Denham and students Ella Hebberman and Kasey Kilsby. I also took Billie-Rose Copeland, Chloe Heyman, Eliza Spalding and Ella Hebberman to 88.9FM for an interview with Jodie Crosby.

The thing that always amazes me about academy is that everytime you turn a corner there are groups of students writing songs, playing music and generally expanding their country music skills. Today was no different with at least 10 songs written. Where they get their talent and inspirations from, I really don’t know and it’s something that will always amaze me.

Back to yesterday’s paranormal encounter, I spoke with the parent involved and she now believes it may be just the slamming of doors that made her glasses move, not a ghost afterall. I am so disappointed. Those who were concerned about the ghosts are relieved, but I am disappointed.

The afternoon session has wrapped up with a star spot with Ashleigh Dallas chatting about her time in the industry. She’s from a long line of country music royalty, so this will be a must-listen event for the parents and students.

Tomorrow we have a flying visit from Golden Guitar winner Amber Lawrence and Aleyce joins us again. I’m also going to appear on a panel about marketing… we’ll see how that goes.

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