Lee Kernaghan’s silver anniversary for The Outback Club

By Rebecca Belt
IT’S HARD to believe it’s been 25 years since The Outback Club was released, but Lee Kernaghan celebrates in style tonight, March 26 at CMC Rocks Queensland. He will launch The 25th Anniversary Album tonight on main stage in front of about 15,000 country music fans.

Released on Friday, March 24, the album has already met with rave reviews and debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Country Chart.
“Launching and releasing an album is always a pretty special occasion – like the birth of a baby,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of good feedback from people on social media.”
Kernaghan said, although he had released plenty of album over the years, there was still a “little bit of trepidation”, but he felt comfortable that this album would be well-received.
“There are nine duets on the album, so I knew that if the album wasn’t well-received, I had plenty of other people to blame,” he laughed.

As well as welcoming a new album to the collection, Kernaghan was inducted to the CMC Hall of Fame on Thursday night, March 23.
“I was so thrilled to be honoured by my peers and to be joined by all those artists in the induction made it a night of nights for me,” he said. “The greatest reward is just to have people come out to shows and to entertain them.”

Tonight’s show at CMC Rocks Queensland will be a mix of Kernaghan hits and new material including guest artist and great mate, James Blundell, who inducted him into the Hall of Fame.
“I’ll be performing Back in ’92 with James,” Kernaghan said. “We have a hell of a lot of history from stage invasions, runaway cars, and hangovers. He’s done more co-writes with me than any other artist, so it’s been an extraordinarily reward friendship personally and musically.”

The Boys From The Bush 25th Anniversary Tour will take Kernaghan to every state and territory in the nation with every show a celebration.

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