Adam Brand celebrates family in new single, I’m Coming Home

Pop, hip hop and country come together from Finland to Australia for the new single from one of Australia’s favourite artists.

Adam Brand has released what could possibly be the new anthem for anyone who’s separated from loved ones with his new single, I’m Coming Home.

The new single has debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart.

In a chance introduction, the song was written between Adam and Finnish producer, pop and hip hop singer-songwriter Ves, and produced with Patrick, a longtime friend of Adam’s in Perth during 2020.

Adam said he was recording tracks in the studio, but not compiling songs for an album; just having fun.

“Patrick said he had a mate who was a pop star in Finland – he’d had a No. 1 hit over there – and he’d become a producer who was doing a lot of hip hop, but he had a country track he wanted to play for me,” he said.

“I was blown away. It was beautiful and I loved the sounds and the vibe, so we chatted about it and he was open to me writing lyrics and working on it with him, so a week later we were in the studio together doing melodies and writing harmonies.”

The 12-time Golden Guitar winner said the song stemmed from a completely random and unplanned connection, but he and Ves had become friends, and they’re now working on more songs.

“If the music is meant to find you, it will”.

– Adam Brand

“This is totally random, but it just works and you’ve just got to go with the flow.”

Having been in the studio, Adam has “a handful of other songs” but I’m Coming Home came out of left field, and he said it felt like the right time to release it.

“It’s about coming home to something, somewhere and someone that you cherish,” he said.

“We lose sight of the things we should cherish because we’re so busy and what all this border closure stuff has done, is redirected our focus primarily on those things are at our home.”

Adam said this separation and loss was something that servicemen and women experienced all the time, but now, with the recent COVID-19 shutdowns, the rest of us have experienced that now.

“It’s been a really nice refocusing time for everybody to go. ‘the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and maybe I can have the best time at home’,” he said.

Adam said the pandemic situation, and welcoming daughter, Pepper, with partner, Nui, has made him not want to leave home for long tours anymore.

“It’s about making sure we balance work, families, and since having my own little family, I’ve certainly balanced it completely the other way – now I don’t want to leave home because there’s nowhere better than home with my girls,” he said.

Out of this, Adam has created a camping tour that’s about family and friends, music and good food and fellowship.

The camping tour will run through south east Queensland from May 17-27.

“People can come along and we’re gonna cook and eat food, sing songs, write songs and it’s a tour of good friends,” Adam said.

“Beccy Cole and Libby O’Donovan have been doing this for a long time – they are the trailblazers of this type of thing.”

Adam Brand fans will be pleased to know that the rest of the year brings more new music, select shows and festivals.

“I’m not touring all over the place; I’m just slowly and steadily watching what happens,” he said.

“I’m letting the country balance itself out again and see what’s possible and I’m happy to use this time for creativity and really enjoy it.”

Adam is an artist who constantly gives back to others, and has been working with other artists including West Australian singer-songwriter Jonny Taylor and Brand band guitarist Jason McGregor who he’s co-written with, and are about to release the songs as their new singles, and Emily Joy, a young female singer-songwriter based in WA.

“I’m enjoying writing with other artists who are trying to build their career and who are searching for who they are musically,” he said.

“I love passing on my knowledge and experience.”

I’m Coming Home was released today, March 12, and is available on all digital platforms, including iTunes.

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