Benny Allen spreads bluegrass joy with Lady Luck and Me

In a time when we look to music for joy, Benny Allen’s new single has it in swagfuls, delivered in chart-topping banjo-laden foot-stomping bluegrass banger, Lady Luck and Me.

Benny’s new single debuted at No. 2 on release day, September 4, on the iTunes Country Songs Chart and the iTunes All Genres Songs top 40 Chart.

Anyone who’s come across the Melbourne singer-songwriter will know that Benny exudes positivity and a global pandemic and ensuing lockdown was not going to quash his creativity. He recorded the vocals for his last single, the Battle of Point Nepean, and this new track, remotely with producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter in the producer’s chair putting the musical touches to them.

“I really wanted to put something out that was upbeat and positive,” Benny said.

“I generally put out positive songs, although what I tend to write comes out as sad songs and my daughter often asks why are my songs so sad? So, I had this idea of doing Lady Luck and Me as a bluegrass song.”

This is a track that was written without any deep meanings behind it, but purely inspired by and about the joy of music.

“It was a case of me driving, as I often do between Melbourne and Sydney thinking how lucky am I that I get to do this sort of thing,” Benny said.

“I was coming back from Sydney having just shot a video clip and this celebrates the pure joy of ‘this is what I love doing’. I started singing words to myself and writing a little story around it.”

This is the first bluegrass release for Benny who grew up loving grunge and punk and believing that bluegrass was country music.

“It still is for me because it’s that roots part, the joy, the way music comes together with banjo and fiddle and it can be really uplifting, even with the slower songs and I like that it’s sometimes a bit cheeky with the lyrics, and that side speaks to me,” he said.

“It’s the style of music that makes me wish I could dance, but that’s not in my portfolio of skills.”

During stage four lockdown restrictions, Benny has also added to his creative skills, and produced an animated film clip for Lady Luck and Me.

Check out the clip:

The track features Michael Carpenter on all instruments, other than fiddle, which was provided by Aussie ex-pat Nashville musician Luke Moller.

“You know you’re onto something good when the producer absolutely embraces the song and loves it, too,” Benny said.

“I love working with Michael because he gets so enthralled in what he’s doing and he’s so passionate about the music he’s making.”

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