Livin’ The Dream hits all the Wright notes

Singer-songwriter Kim Wright is Livin’ The Dream with his debut EP hitting the top of the charts on release.

Released on July 22, Wright’s EP Livin’ The Dream, charted at No. 2 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart and No. 28 on the iTunes All Genres Album Charts and is the realisation of a 20-year goal that began when he started writing songs in his early teens.

The title, Livin’ The Dream, is a motto Wright lives by and is more often than not what will come out of his mouth when you ask how he’s going.

“Every day above ground’s a good one and I believe you should live each day to its fullest,” he said.

“The collection of songs represents that theme in my world.”

Other than two co-writes – Man of the House with Allan Caswell and This Old Bar with Liam Kennedy-Clark – all songs came from Wright’s own pen, with three of the six songs written when he was aged just 15 or 16.

“To hear them on a physical CD now is the definition of ‘livin’ the dream’ in my eyes,” he said.

Wright has released two singles off the EP – Man of the House being his debut single, released in May 2018, and This Old Bar, released in March this year. His two favourite songs from the EP, though, are the radio feature track Forever and Eternity, and Home.

“I want to bring that traditional honky tonk country sound back and I believe there is a call for this style of music again,” Wright said.

“I would just love to be able to get my music out there and heard around the world. It’s not about being the next big star, it’s about getting the music heard and having people see what I have to offer.”

Making his debut EP has been an adventure for the Queensland artist, but he said it was all worth it.

“I’ve wanted to release an album or EP for as long as I’ve been writing songs and my musical influences have always been mostly country,” he said.

“And to have musos playing on it who have worked with some of the best in the industry, is unbelievable. It is particularly special to have had Glen Hannah play on my songs. The day I found out he’d died, I was listening to the EP and it just made me feel all the emotions.”

The reaction from listeners who have been lucky to grab an early copy of Livin’ The Dream at gigs, has been extremely supportive, so Wright is keen to just get the songs out there and heard.

“So far, the reaction has been amazing and the support has been incredible,” he said.

“At a couple of functions I’ve performed at, people have been keen to grab a copy and they love the cover because it grabs people’s attention. A lot of people have also said how well-produced and arranged it is.”

Livin’ The Dream was produced by Liam Kennedy-Clark, mixed and mastered by Angus Woodhead and features musicians Liam Kennedy-Clark, Michel Rose, Glen Hannah, Lawrie Minson, Kurt Baumer, Pete Denahy, Roger Corbett, Angus Woodhead, and Joshua Blaikie.

The EP was officially released on July 22 and is available now from all digital retailers and physical copies are available from live shows and via Facebook: @kimwrightmusicpage

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