Benny Allen not missing a beat with new single

TAMWORTH has witnessed the beginnings of many beautiful songs, and Benny Allen’s debut single, Day One Of Missing You, is no exception and this morning it has debuted at No. 19 on the iTunes Country Songs Chart.
Written with legendary singer-songwriter Allan Caswell in the Country Music Capital, the song came to Benny after an early morning trek to watch the sun rise over Tamworth at Oxley Lookout.
“It was one of those songs that started from nothing,” he said.
“I had just written the song The Lord Above on the drive up to Tamworth because my girlfriend’s dad was in a coma and we didn’t know if he was going to make it. When I sat down with Allan, I had nothing left in me, so he asked me what I’d done that morning and I’d got up and watched the sun rise over Tamworth at Oxley Lookout.
“We hadn’t had a fight or anything, but my girlfriend was going through a lot and I was 1400km away and I guess that was the emotional genesis of the song; feeling that isolation and separation from someone you love.”

Benny said that, although he was really happy in his relationship when he wrote the song, it was a story that many people could relate to.
“Anyone who has had a relationship can connect with the song because at some stage or another, we’ve all had that broken heart from a break up in a relationship, or you’ve had a fight with a partner and you’re sitting there the next day wondering how you ended up there and how you had that fight,” he said.
“I’d like people to take away that realisation – that sometimes what is said in the heat of the moment, it is just that, the heat of the moment, and you’ve got to remember what you feel for the other person.”
Day One of Missing You is not only the outer Melbourne artist’s debut single, it is the first co-write he’s done and he’s looking forward to music lovers hearing his originals.
“The big thing that I’ve found in the last 12 months, because people have really only been hearing my own music in the last 12 months, is that people do actually like listening to what I’m singing,” he said.
“It’s very humbling to realise that people are connecting with what I do and what I’d like to get out of this is to keep connecting with people and getting people to hear the rest of the songs on the album that comes out on November 23.”
Day One of Missing You is available on iTunes now:
The film clip will be out on Thursday, November 1.
The single, Day One of Missing You is out today, October 29, and Benny’s debut album, Never Knew I Was Country, is out November 23 but available for preorder now.
Benny will launch the album at Moonshiner’s Bar at the Family Hotel, Tamworth on January 19 with tickets now available.

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