Some Girls (Quite) Like Country Music – Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes

LACHLAN Bryan and The Wildes return with an album that is sure to get your attention with the title as well as the tracks that hit all the right notes.

Some Girls (Quite) Like Country Music sees the band’s songs maturing and a more stripped back production, as they worked to capture their live sound on record.

“We wanted to make an adult-sounding country record,” Lachlan said.

“Thematically, that comes across in the songs and, as for our sound, we didn’t want to unnecessarily polish things and we didn’t want to underestimate the country music audience. Lot of people have complicated lives like we do, and we didn’t want to gloss over stuff. The lyrics in some of the songs are quite cutting and, if ever we had the thought of whether this was too risqué or close to the bone, our answer was always what the hell, we’re going to do it anyway.”

Lachlan said the instruments they chose included a honky tonk piano that had a few keys missing to get the feeling that the listeners were sitting around the piano with the band for a singalong. They also recorded plenty of versions of each song and then chose the ones that felt right to make the album.

The title, Some Girls (Quite) Like Country Music , and the brackets, came from one of Lachlan’s ex-girlfriends, an English girl who once said the line.

“That line had been in my head for a while, so I had the title and that line before I had the rest of that song,” he said.

“That song was a genuine co-write with Damian Cafarella. He was mucking around with banjo and it got me interested and I had that kind of poem that I’d written, but I don’t normally work that way. It fitted the chord progression that Damian had perfectly.”

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes have hit the road for shows in Victoria, Queensland and NSW through April, May and June before they head to Europe to play festivals in July.




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