Ali S. Kix it up with new single

FRIDAY, November 3 is a special day for Queensland country singer-songwriter Ali S. as he premieres his next single and music video, Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn, on Kix Country.

“Kix Country has supported my first single, I Need A Beer, so it’s a privilege to have them premiering my new song, Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn,” Ali said. “They are great promoters of country music across Australia.”

Crossy will interview Ali and premiere the new single after 7.30am QLD time on Friday morning.

Ali’s new single pays tribute to his favourite duo, in a rocking country track, sure to have listeners up and dancing.

The song didn’t come easily, with Ali sitting down to write songs a decade ago, but finding he could not get started.

“Ten years later, though, I sat down and thought, ‘I can do this’,” he said. “Then I thought, ‘what do I really love?’ and wrote the whole song in a day with a few alterations along the way.”

Ali does admit to loving his wife and children more, but Brooks and Dunn have been a major influence in his musical life.

“When I was working away in the mines, I’d listen to their music all the time,” the former Boulia artist said. “I’d work sun-up to sun-down and I’d listen to their music and was really inspired by it. I love the way they sing and what they sing about.”

Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn is not simply a tribute to the country duo, the single also tells Ali’s story within the lyrics.

“I’m hoping any other Brooks and Dunn fan will understand exactly how I feel,” he said.

He chose Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn as the second single as it was his go-to song when he completed the CMAA Senior Academy of Country Music in January 2017, and audiences love it.

“It’s a crowd favourite and I’ve had a really good response with that song,” he said. “It makes people want to jump up and have a dance.”

Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn is the second single from Ali’s album, Couldn’t Do This On My Own, which is a collection of 12 tracks inspired by life.

“I want people to listen to the album and see my side of the story through song,” he said. “There are songs about the outback, and a lot of drinking songs, but they’re all written about personal experience. That’s what you do out there in the mines – you work all day and drink a beer every afternoon.”

Ali worked in the mines for four years, with the experiences providing plenty of songwriting inspiration that’s resulted in a top 30 placing in the Australian Songwriters Association Awards with his first single, I Need A Beer, written with Catherine Britt at the academy.

Talking Bout Brooks and Dunn will be officially released on November 10 and is available for digital preorder from iTunes: from November 3.

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