BLOG: CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music celebrates

WEDNESDAY may be hump day in the rest of the world, but at the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music, every day is a party and we’re on the downhill run to our amazing graduation concert at 7pm on Friday night at Calrossy Anglican School.

Everywhere you turn at the academy, there is music. There are small groups going over the songs they will perform that they may have written together, there is the band rehearsing their songs and learning charts and there are full-on rehearsals happening in the hall in preparation for one of the biggest nights of the students’ careers so far.

With rehearsals for the grad concert in full swing, the tension and nerves are almost palpable no matter where you go on campus, but it all makes for an amazing experience. This is all mixed with media interviews and today another four students appeared on radio with Jon Wolfe and Jodie Crosby.

Today was also a chance to celebrate with two birthdays kept hidden from us yesterday. Group leader Jayne Denham, who is Addicted to the Diesel, as well as our guest drummer Ali Foster. They could only keep it hidden for so long, so we had cake to celebrate. Straight out of the oven and still warm. These are the moments we treasure.

This afternoon, our compere for the concert, Dobe Newton from the legendary Bushwackers, arrived and tonight Tamworth’s own Golden Guitar winner Lawrie Minson showed off the thousands of instruments he can play (well, it seems like he can play pretty much anything with strings). His wife, Shelley, chatted about creating your image and social media.

I believe the parents then may have taken up singing themselves… well, if you want to call it that. Some of them are rumoured to have hit the karaoke stage in Tamworth. The students definitely got the musical genes of the families 😉

Tomorrow it’s back to rehearsals and the gruelling schedule the students are keeping. I’m dreading it all coming to an end, but they could all be looking forward to resting.

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