Rory Phillips celebrates Cars and Guitars

RELEASING an EP at the age of 10 is impressive enough, but co-writing three tracks and playing  guitars on all six is the icing on this first release from Rory Phillips. Cars & Guitars sees the young guitar virtuoso from Tumut mixing his blues style with country roots and rock influences.


Photo: Nick Moir

With Roger Corbett of The Valley Studio in the production seat, Phillips’ guitars and vocals are given room to shine. The title track is Phillips’ story in song, co-written with Corbett.
“The whole reason I got into music in the first place was cars,” he said. “I’ve always loved cars and dad played me Joe Walsh’s In My Car, because he thought I’d love it. I would listen to that song over and over, and that created an interest with guitars.”

The aspiring songwriter first picked up a guitar when he was five, two years after hearing Joe Walsh of The Eagles, and he was hooked. He has since achieved more than most, achieving a top 10 finalist  spot in the Country Music Busking Championships open age section in 2016 at his first Tamworth Country Music Festival, played his way to a half hour set on the Busking Stage at Byron Bay Bluesfest, and graduated from the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music – the youngest to do so, all in 2016. He also won the Primary Category at the Australian National Busking Championships the same year.

Phillips said he would like Cars & Guitars to attract more followers to his music.
“I want to make people happy,” he said. “I also want the EP to bring more gig opportunities my way.”ep-cover

Phillips launched Cars & Guitars at the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Festival where he played with bands including The Bushwackers and junior academy graduates, and performed on the Boulevard of Dreams, Peel St, where other guitarists, such as Keith Urban and Troy Cassar-Daley were discovered and he, again, made the finals in the Australian Country Music Busking Championships.

Cars & Guitars is available online at

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