No stopping Lyn Bowtell

By Rebecca Belt
MULTI-GOLDEN Guitar finalist Lyn Bowtell is the embodiment of the show must go on mantra. Not one to let anyone down, the singer-songwriter has been unwell since mid-December and hospitalised three times since but kept up all music commitments. She directed the CMAA Academy of Country Music for the first two weeks of January then threw herself into Tamworth Country Music Festival appearances and shows.
Last Sunday, though, she was again hospitalised, spending Sunday night and Monday in Tamworth Hospital.
“I was watching Toyota Star Maker, being the 20th year since I won, and supporting all the people who has entered,” Bowtell said.
“I sat down with the students from the academy and we got to half time and I stood up to get dinner the pain hit severely.”lyn-bowtell-damonBowtell’s partner, Damon Morton, drove her to Tamworth Hospital where she was treated for a ruptured haemorrhagic ovarian cyst on her right ovary.
“It was very large and I’ve been dealing with it since before Christmas, but the doctors didn’t want to operate unless necessary,” she said.
“I had been in a lot of pain prior to this, but this was the most painful thing I’ve ever had happen in my life. The cyst ruptured and my fallopian tube twisted.”
The remarkable aspect of all this, though, is that audiences at the Bennett, Bowtell and Urquhart show at Wests on Wednesday night would never have known the artist had been unwell.
“Playing with Felicity and KB, I wasn’t even thinking about the pain,” Bowtell said.
“When Kase came out and sang, I nearly cried – they’ve always been there for me and it’s friends that get you through.”
She thanked Tamworth Hospital staff for her excellent care.
“They have the best equipment of all the hospitals I’ve been to recently, the staff are beautiful and I felt really well looked after and cared for,” the singer-songwriter said.
Bowtell is a finalist for seven Golden Guitars on Saturday night and is now focused on enjoying the rest of the festival with her Lyn Bowtell and Southern Steel show at The Albert on Sunday, January 29 at 1pm.

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