Country comes to town

THIS is just a quick blog to firstly apologise for being so slack of late. It’s been a long time between drinks for this journo and I haven’t kept up the blog as I’d planned, but we’re baaack.

It’s an exciting time for Australian country music as we gear up for the Tamworth Country Music Festival – it’s less than a fortnight away! Can you believe that? It’s always been my favourite time of the year and I haven’t missed one since 1991.


CMAA Academy of Country Music director Lyn Bowtell. Photo: Rebecca Belt

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, January really is country music month because the CMAA Academy of Country Music started today, so my country music family is starting to roll into town. If you haven’t experienced the love of the country music industry, it’s hard to explain, but believe me when I say it truly is a family. Just like in all families, some people may not get on, but when someone needs something, we’re there for each other. The academy is really like a close knit family and it was fantastic to see all the students rolling into Country Music Capital today ready for an intense two weeks as they learn musicianship, songwriting, business skills and so much more.

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I’ll be updating regularly with so much going on, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

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