All good country things…

THE time that I’ve dreaded for months has finally come – the last day of Cruisin’ Country 6 on board The Legend of the Seas. It has been a whirlwind mini-Tamworth Country Music Festival at sea and I’ve loved every minute of the music on offer.img_9579
Last night Adam Brand rocked the boat with his flavour of country and left the audiences wanting more after both his shows. Although he hadn’t been feeling the best with rough weather making the ship a little more rocky than we would like, Adam put on a show like no other. A few highlights included when he brought Drew McAlister and Travis Collins on and, together with his bass player Matt Cornell, The Outlaws performed a track from their album and the crowd stood as he performed The Anzac, which was a beautiful moment.img_9633
I’m a big boot fan, as anyone who knows me is well aware, and Adam had my favourite pair of boots on last night. The special thing about these boots is that they look white, but under stage lighting they become silver! I know, I get excited about small things, but I love those boots.
Today is bittersweet as we continue our journey back to Brisbane and back to real life. However, real life just means more country music for me these days, so it’s not that bad, is it? My husband has just informed me there is 4060metres of salt water between us and the bottom of the Coral Sea right this moment… that scares me just a little! Anyway, I digress (again).img_9563
So far we’ve enjoyed the sounds of Roo Arcus, Jasmine Rae, Tori Darke, Lyn Bowtell, Innocent Eve, Aleyce Simmonds, Luke O’Shea, Paul Costa and Beccy Cole. img_0507Yes, that’s just today! It’s only 3pm and we still have a plethora of shows to go including the massive finale with all the headliners and a heap of other artists doing a song each and then a huge song at the end of the show.img_9433
This will be my last entry from the ship, but I’ll do a wrap up either Monday or Tuesday when I return to reality in Tamworth, the country music capital. There is so much country music news about to hit that it’s going to be like a cyclone.img_0533
If there are any topics you’d like me to cover, please send me an email: or contact me on social media. Thanks for reading.

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