Day Two: Cruisin’ Country 2016

IT’S only day two on Cruisin’ Country and the music is heating up, along with the weather as we sail towards Noumea. The itinerary has been changed and we are hitting up Noumea for our first island visit followed by the smaller islands of New Caledonia and Mystery Island, Vanuatu. img_7282
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was encouraged to book on Cruisin’ Country 6, except I knew it would be good. Well, for me, this cruise has been like a small taste of the Tamworth Country Music Festival without the dry heat (it’s so humid outside, although not too hot today) and the frantic busy-ness.
It was a damp sail away party as a massive storm ripped through Brisbane on our departure, bringing the Hillbilly Goats’ performance to an early close. And, yes, the goat is on board with us much to my children’s delight.img_7381
Last night I caught the ever lovely and amazingly talented Felicity Urquhart whose voice continues to amaze. I have been watching her perform since she was… well, in school (which was only a few years ago, of course) and she just keeps getting better. Felicity headlined the first ‘Showtime’ performance in the That’s Entertainment Theatre with the Cruisin’ Country Orchestra comprised of Brendan Radford, Glen Hannah, Clare O’Meara, Jeff McCormack, Steve Fearnley, and Vaughan Jones. She even performed a few new songs that we might just see on her next album… I’ve been pushing her for years for a new offering, but her BBU album is still hitting all the right notes.
Felicity wrapped up a wonderful first day on the Legend of the Sea.
img_7492Today, Monday, November 14, has brought with it bush ballads from Dean Perrett and Jeff Brown, and a songwriting workshop with Lyn Bowtell, her BBU colleague, Felicity Urquhart, Drew McAlister and Shane Nicholson (who was a little late due to the time change between Brisbane and now, as we are back on Sydney time, which is Noumea time).img_7437
Those enjoying the pool in the windy weather had Libby O’Donovan to entertain them, along with Aleyce Simmonds and we’ve still got Amber Joy Poulton and the Holy Men, Matt Cornell and Amber Lawrence in the main theatre to come.
Exhausted yet? Yeah, me too, but no time to stop as there is much to enjoy. And a tip for those families thinking of coming in the form of two words – Kids Club. Best thing ever and my children are getting to know the children of my musical mates which is just a wonderful thing to witness.
Until tomorrow, enjoy and I hope you can live through these photos and feel like you’re on board with us.

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