Gord Bamford’s first Australian tour

By Rebecca Belt
AUSTRALIAN-BORN Canadian country artist Gord Bamford is embarking on his first tour of his country of birth, bringing his music to those still discovering the talent that he holds.

Gord Bamford Hori.jpg
Gord was in Australia in August for the Gympie Music Muster, returned to North America then jumped back on a plane and winged his way back to Australia for the This Crazy Life tour.
He was five when he moved to Canada with his musical Canadian mother, so has not been in Australia a lot since he was very young, having not had a relationship with his dad until the past five years.gord-bamford
The multi-award winner has dominated the charts for the last decade in Canada and he has won 23 Canadian Country Music Association Awards throughout his illustrious career. His recently released award-winning album Tin Roof hit #2 in Canada and the first two singles from it also went to #1. This tour will fulfill an important personal goal for Gord – he was born in Traralgon Victoria, his dad lives in Brisbane, and he has always wanted to bring his music to his birth country. He can now tick that box.
“It is a little bit tough on my family (returning so soon), but it was a great opportunity,” he said.
“I’ll be in Australia for the month and I’m looking forward to the shows and getting to see the country as well. I’m going to check out my old house. My dad is going to come to Melbourne and Traralgon and look around where I was until I was five years old and reconnect with all that.”
Gord said he was also looking forward to seeing what the reaction to his music was from his audience.
“I want to see if they like it,” he said.
“I love that the connection with the fans and the music. If it’s any indication, Breakfast Beer seemed to be very popular at Gympie.”
Now that Australia has discovered Gord’s music through his latest album, Tin Roof, there is a compilation of his earlier albums, similar to a greatest hits, planned for release Down Under.
He said people could relate to his music because he aimed to keep the songs simple.
“I write songs that everybody can relate to,” he said.
“A lot of my music tells people who I am, where I came from and they are songs about family. It is country music that people can really relate to and goes the same in Australia – it’s very similar.”
The singer-songwriter said he believed the market in Australia was easier than in the US which was “kinda locked down by major labels”.
“We are very fortunate to get our music out semi-independently and it’s easier in Australia because it’s smaller than Canada, but I think it would be the third biggest market in the world for country music and Australian fans are passionate; they are some of the most passionate I’ve ever seen.”
Gord said he appreciated that CDs were still popular in Australia and he was being asked to play songs off his albums that weren’t necessarily singles.
Gord said he planned to spend more time in Australia, now that he had reconnected with his dad and they had built a relationship.
“I want to really be involved in the music scene there,” he said.
“I’m willing to put the time and effort in to really connect with everybody and I look forward to that.”

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